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Cloth Pads & Bag Set - Comfy Curvy Surprise Print Pads

Our Classic Cloth Pad Starter Set is the perfect bundle to get started with reusable cloth pads, with one of each pad size to help you start your set and find your favourite size.
  • 4x reusable and washable pads
  • Prints will vary from photos, surprise prints will be sent
  • Includes: 1x Liner Pad, 1x Light Pad, 1x Regular Pad, 1x Overnighter Pad, 1x Pad Pouch, 1x Facewipe Sample, 1x Tea Sample
  • Made from a Cotton Topper, 2 layers Bamboo/Hemp Fleece, 2 layers Flannelette core, Corduroy backing
  • Lovingly made in Australia
  • Pads designed by Keren Makes Stuff
  • Adjustable width for the perfect fit with 2 snap buttons
  • For every pad purchased, we gift one to a woman in need

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