Every pad purchased supports womens' education and empowerment

Women on average use anywhere from 2000 up to 11,000 disposable pads or tampons in their life time! This is a staggering number, considering most of disposables take 500-800 years to decompose. Cloth pads offer a solution to minimising our landfill.

As an eco and environmentally friendly company, our value and passion for the environment is rooted within all our stakeholders that we choose to align ourselves with. 




It is in the pressing issue of period shaming, which culturally and contextually shames women for being on their menstrual cycles, that we feel a strong passion for making a change. 

  • Access to cloth pads
  • Clean water and sanitation paired with educational workshops surrounding sex and health hygiene
  • Encouragement to empower women
  • Educational programs to challenge cultural stigmas around menstruation 



Through our one-for-one model, our crowdfunding partners, Eco Femme, are distributing sanitary products paired with educational workshops to girls in India. In some Indian communities, 8/10 girls are unaware of menstruation, and 1/5 girls leaving school when beginning their periods.

In providing awareness and education to these communities, girls are better equipped to stay in school. We value education as a tool to emancipating youth to build their own futures.  



Period shaming is a hugely pressing issue for girls and women in developing countries. Women are considered evil when menstruating and the reality is that girls miss days or even weeks of school, each month when they are menstruating. Through access to cloth pads, this allows girls and women a means to manage their cycles more safely, discreetly and sustainably.