Every pad purchased supports womens' education and empowerment

Ecopads Australia is a social enterprise supporting women's and girls education, empowerment and environmental projects.

In late 2015, founder of Ecopads, Freeda Thong, started sewing cloth pads as a hobby after discovering the initially unfamiliar object on her sisters' wall. Her curiosity led her to research cloth pad usage and discovered pressing issues of menstruation around the world. Find out why you should make the switch to cloth here.


After growing demand for her hand made cloth pads, Freeda started ECOPADS AUSTRALIA, a social enterprise with the ONE for ONE initiate to provide cloth pads for women in need and stand for women's health, choice and pride. 


In 2016, Ecopads was accepted into an accelerator program through IMPACT Academy, a social enterprise in itself that help other entrepreneurs make ideas and dreams happen. Ecopads has partnered with EcoFemme for a crowdfunding campaign over this May to produce cloth pads for customers and deliver cloth pads to women in need wherever they may be.