Every pad purchased supports womens' education and empowerment
  Cloth pads are a sustainable solution to managing your period, by saving disposables from landfill and are the healthier choice for your body too. The fabrics we choose to work with are for their environmental stance and impact

Lets break it down

Our cloth pads are comprised of four main components: the topper, core, backer and snaps. 


Topper  - This fabric has direct contact with your skin and is usually made with cotton, minky fleece of flannel. 

Core - This is your layer of absorbency. For each different size pad, you may find that they vary in absorbency. This is tailored for what women and girls need, and what you might prefer. 

Backing - The backing in our cloth pads always include a layer of polyurethane laminate, which provides extra security as a water resistant layer. The final layer is generally made with either cotton, corduroy or a fleece. 

Snaps - We use KAM snaps and eyelet fasteners to allow for ease of wear. These serve as wings are used to keep your pad in place when worn.





There are so many benefits to cloth pads! Some of our favourites are:


SUSTAINABILITY  Disposables are the 3rd largest consumer items in landfill, this is easily avoided with cloth pads.

COMFORT  They feel amazing against your skin and you can choose what type of materials work best if you have any allergies.

AFFORDABILITY  An average woman will spend at least $100 dollars on disposables per year, that really adds up. Versus the one time cost of cloth pads.

HEALTH  Disposables run the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome and hazardous chemicals to be absorbed into the body.

DURABILITY  A cloth pad lasts at least 1-3 years depending how well you look after them. Some women still have them going strong after 18!

ABSORBENCY  Cloth pads are generally more absorbent than disposables. 

THEY ARE FUN  Choose your favourite patterns, your needed absorbency and your favourite design!