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Hello and welcome to our very first blog! 

 This is a safe and open space to share stories,  experiences and advice about periods. 

 Over the last 7 months, I have spoken with so many different girls and women about how their periods have affected their lives in different ways. It still amazes me how open they are with sharing their stories and most intimate situations in regards to their health and periods.


One recurring theme is that women always apologies to me about telling me their stories, as though it is something that no one in society would ever want to hear. In fact, I feel it is a privilege and extremely humbling that people are able to instill their trust and feel comfortable to talk about such a stigmatised topic! A topic that should be challenged to be an absolute norm to talk about... after all it is something that happens to 50% of our population, every single month! 


It is with thanks to these many conversations, that this blog is being born, for I am sure that each girl or woman I spoke to is not alone with their experiences. This will be a space to feature stories from women all over the world. 

What's your story? 


Happy Flows!

Freeda xx

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