Every pad purchased supports womens' education and empowerment

 Hi everyone! I’m Amy, also known as The Low Tox Fox, and I’m currently on a mission to remove all harmful chemicals from my life in an attempt to improve my health. The past 12 months have been hard to say the least. I was diagnosed with sever endometriosis which had spread to my bowel. I’ve had 4 major surgeries, a colostomy, an ileostomy and am now back to ‘normal’.


It’s pretty disappointing that my endometriosis was diagnosed so late, during school my periods were very painful but I thought that was normal, it wasn’t until they started getting more and more painful that I eventually looked into it. I saw my doctor for many years complaining of the pain but I would always just get a prescription for the pill and strong pain killers. Then I began to experience pain during a bowel movement and I knew something wasn’t right. Fast-forward another 2 years (and many more medical appointments) and I finally had a laparoscopy which revealed severe endometriosis that had spread to my bowel.


The medical profession apparently has no idea what causes endometriosis but as it’s likened to an autoimmune disease I truly believe all the chemicals we’re exposed to on a daily basis contributes to the increasing amount of women being affected by this disease.


During the process of researching sanitary options I was shocked to find out just how chemically treated cotton is, which is then made into a tampon or pad and used my millions of women. YUCK!! How horrible it that!? Putting chemicals straight into your lady parts, no wonder the rate of women diagnosed with endometriosis increases every year!


I was super happy to find Ecopads and read of their amazing one for one initiative. I’m really looking forward to making the transition to cloth pads and reducing my environmental impact while at the same time eliminating my exposure to those nasty chemicals in conventional sanitary items.


If you’d like to follow me on my journey you can visit my blog The Low Tox Fox, you’ll also find my ‘can’t make this stuff up’ story there in full detail.

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